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 Welcome to the homepage of the German-Uzbek research project at Tilla-Bulak!


On the following pages you will find information about 
  • the project, its aims, the cooperating parties,
  • opportunities for participation and contribution,
  • the annual excavation campaigns and their most important results, as well as 
  • the Late Bronze Age Sapalli Culture.

The excavations are conducted by the Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology, Ludwig Maximilians-University,
Munich, under the auspices of the Tocharistan Expedition of the National Institute of Art History, Tashkent.
The director of the excavation is Dr. Kai Kaniuth, Munich.

The Tilla Bulak project is funded by the Gerda-Henkel-Foundation.


For personal, logistic and financial support we thank the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, as well as private sponsors.

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